Monday, February 3, 2020

February 2020 Newsletter

Love Is The Cornerstone
Like many of you and millions around the world, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. It was a good football game: evenly matched, hard fought and decided in the final minutes. Not everyone cares for football though, so the NFL tries to cater to all with their season finale. You can tune in for an interview with the President, ogle the halftime show or watch the high-priced commercials.

My favorite commercial this year was New York Life’s “Love Takes Action” 60-second spot. I was hooked the moment I saw them flashing the four Greek words for love on the screen. I’ve mentioned them numerous times in sermons: filia, storgi, eros and agape. Agape, the voiceover said, is the most profound, admirable type of love, involving courage, sacrifice and strength.” (But FCCers already knew that!) It was a refreshingly thoughtful ad amid its frenetic counterparts.

It turns out New York Life’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO is a Greek-American. The ad focused on the Greek word agape as the type of love that cares for sick family members and celebrates milestones like weddings and graduations. It boiled insurance down to its irreducible minimum, love. “Love is really the cornerstone of all our relationships that we have,” commented the ad’s director.

And the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Love is the reason someone buys insurance. You care enough about someone to pay for a policy that will take care of them if you die. New York Life is on to something. They understand there’s a higher form of love. But, their examples didn’t seem to capture the heights to which it could ascend.

As Christians, we do. We understand agape. Agape is the love that motivated God to act in our best interest ensuring we will be taken care of for all eternity. That’s the selfless love that God has for us and the love we should strive to emulate for Him and others. Agape is potent and profound. And the more you think about it the more you realize it is indeed the cornerstone of all our relationships.

- Pastor Richard
Join us for our 2nd Annual Movie & Jammies Night! See details below. Also, mark your calendars for our Ladies Paint Night on March 14, details coming soon!


Youth Group will be sharing an extended time together on Friday, Feb. 14, 6pm-10:30pm; a good opportunity for parents to spend extra time with each other! The group will spend the evening at the bowling alley and in the gym, playing games and hanging out. Pizza will be provided at the bowling alley. Emergency contact and permission forms must be filled out to attend. Cost is $10.

We are excited to share that SHACC registration is open for the summer. This year we are going July 5-10 and you can sign up by clicking here.

Prepare your chili recipe; it’s time to award the Golden Ladle again! And for dessert: your chocolate creation! Featured speakers are Dan & Ginny Bryant, missionaries to the Landuma tribe of Guinea,  W. Africa. February 16, 5pm in the Gym. Get your free tickets in lobby!


Monday, December 30, 2019

January 2020 Newsletter

Jesus:  “Are you ghosting Me?”

I’m uncertain when the word “ghosting” entered the public lexicon, but its use has certainly skyrocketed recently. Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. You used to be there, now you’re not: like a ghost.

Communication is important in every relationship, including our relationship with God. God has given us his word to communicate with us.

Dr. Denny Burk, a professor of biblical studies at Boyce College says, “Christians need the Bible like humans need water. The Bible is our lifeblood. The Lord Jesus plans to perfect His people by means of His word. That is why He prayed, “Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth” (John 17:17). Since the Bible is the word of God written, our progress in sanctification relies on our contact with the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. Every Christian, therefore, should make it a priority to master this book.”

And mastery is not drudgery! The Bible is the historically accurate account of God’s dealings with mankind. It’s intended as a teaching, rebuking, correcting and training tool essential to our Christian lives. Better than a dry policy manual, it’s filled with exciting stories of love, tragedy, victory and valor. It incorporates thrilling biographies, inspirational poetry, sweeping prophecy and apocalyptic visions. It’s replete with supernatural exploits, transcendent philosophy and sage wisdom that make reading interesting and enlightening. There’s no other book like it!

As your pastor, let me encourage you to make reading through the Bible cover to cover a goal this year. Here are two (free!) tools to help you.

YouVersion’s Bible App is very helpful. It has many Bible reading plans of varying lengths and topics. Once you create an account you can read and track your progress on any device.

The Bible Project is a great multi-platform site where you can watch animated video summaries of each Bible book (or topic, character or key word) and then read the Bible in one year with others.

Either of these free tools make it easy to read the Bible in one year. What other generation has had such advantages with regard to the number of versions and digital accessibility as we do? So then - there’s no excuse for ghosting Jesus in 2020!

Happy New Year! 
- Pastor Richard
The youth had a great time celebrating Christmas together with the progressive dinner. The dancing Santa in a bath tub returned for another year and went home with Tala Garibay!

We are excited to share that SHACC registration is open for the summer. This year we are going July 5-10 and you can sign up by clicking hereIt is $50 off if you register before January 31!

Youth Group is starting up again January 10 and we look forward to seeing everyone again!

The snowflake is such a beautiful reminder of how unique and wonderful God made us!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

December 2019 Newsletter

The Reason For The Season
My Best Buy flyer says Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving on a day called Black Friday. That’s the day the retail industry simply goes ‘buggy,’ erupting synchronously from underground like periodical cicadas sensing the seasonal drop in temperature. Retailers spend most of the year like nymphs awaiting this moment of their retail lifecycle, planning to emerge for a brief adult stage the moment the pumpkin pie is cut. They streak to the branches of star-topped evergreens, striking their wings together in a deafening chorus of familiar carols, hoping to attract and mate with any passing holiday shopper who signals their interest with a bulging wad of green bills in their wallet.

It’s so predictable a phenomenon you might mistake it for the “reason for the season.” Isn’t Christmas about shopping? Isn’t it about Santa and reindeer and elves and snowmen that can be for everyone? It’s become a generic holiday that comes in secular shades of red and green, a time of festivities often touted as the “most wonderful time of the year” but maybe that’s just a convenient excuse for us to go out and buy more stuff.

In truth, it takes determination to get to the backstory of Christmas. It’s far too easy to let commercialism rule the day. If we don’t make an effort to re-learn and re-claim the miracle of Christmas our vigor will fade when the retail swarm dies off.

As your pastor, it’s my duty to help you beat back the Christmas bugs! To help you prepare your heart and mind for Christmas I’ll be preaching four messages from the Gospel of John. Each message describes a reason for Jesus’ birth. Listen online if you can’t be with us in church.

If you’d like daily help in preparing for Christmas, you may enjoy this Christmas devotional entitled Glory to God in the Highest. It consists of 25 devotions written by Dallas Seminary faculty (my alma mater). It will give you a quick way to focus your mind on “the reason for the season.”

Merry Christmas!
-Pastor Richard

Registration for our January 18, 2020  Women’s 1 Day Retreat is open through the end of December. We would love to have you join the Women of Faith and friends as we spend the day studying the word with Ginny Bryant and worshipping together. Please check out the details here or see us in the Lobby following worship each Sunday.  If cost is a concern, scholarships are available—please don’t let that stop you!

Looking for a Bible Study? Our weekly study begins anew at 9am on January 15, 2020 and will be studying the book of Daniel. 

Mark your calendar! Our Movie and Jammies Night is Feb 8,2020. This year we will be showing The Greatest Showman….get your desserts and popcorn ready!

If you have questions or want more information about any Women’s Ministry event or study, email us at

The Progressive Dinner is just a few weeks away! We are all set with houses and are excited about our hosts this year! To RSVP click this link and sign up by December 9th. The dinner is from 6:00-9:30pm starting at the Faith Church Gym and ending at the Ferris' house. Don't forget a White Elephant gift (no more than $10 value) and we look forward to another great evening! Please feel free to email with any questions/allergies/concerns!

Why should I obey God? This was the Big Picture Question for Unit 14. Each unit in The Gospel Project has a Big Picture Question. This is asked of the children each week as a way to get them to think more about the lessons they are going to learn in that particular unit. But what is great is that they also learn the answer, which is always very powerful and lays a great foundation to talk about Jesus. So what is the answer to:
Why should we obey God?  We should obey God because He made us, He loves us, and His plans are good.  This was vital information as the children learned about the prophet Jonah and his disobedience, Hosea and his obedience to God and how Israel was taken captive because of their disobedience. What amazing truths our children are learning each and every week. 

When you see holly this season, may the sharpness of the leaves remind you of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus and the red berries serve as a reminder of the drops of blood that were shed by Him for our salvation. Even the letters of the word holy can be found in the word holly.  Let's find new ways to focus on Christ this season:)

Thursday, October 31, 2019

November 2019 Newsletter

The True Spirit of Thanksgiving

Soon it’ll be Thanksgiving and if you’re like most people, just because the calendar says “be thankful” doesn’t mean you’re automatically overcome with a thankful spirit. Christians can struggle to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Some of us have had a tough year and working our way through a list of blessings doesn’t come as easily as we’d like. Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective.
Recently, I was talking with another believer and the conversation turned to the life God saved us “from.” Yes, I mean “from” not “to.” True, the life God saved us “to” provides Christians plenty for which to thank God: salvation, answered prayer, family, friends, employment and a veritable cornucopia of other blessings. But we weren’t thinking of those things at the moment. We were thinking about the trajectory of our lives before Christ intervened. We were both certain that Christ had saved us “from” certain misery. Christ performed an intervention in our lives changing our desires, habits, friends, entertainments and behaviors which were leading only to an unhappy and self-destructive life. To say nothing of the eternal destiny of those who practice such things.
It’s not popular for Christians to dwell on their checkered past (let alone pastors). In fact, we all have a tendency for “selective amnesia” when it comes to our past sins. But Scripture isn’t afraid to remind us of who we were. In fact, at times I believe it to be wholly necessary.
The Apostle Paul never papered over his pre-conversion hatred for Christians and quest for homemade righteousness. He called himself “the worst of sinners” (1Tim 1:15), the “least of the apostles” and unworthy to be so named because he “persecuted the church of God” (1Cor 15:9).  All of us, Isaiah lamented, have gone astray, each of us to our own way and have no other recourse than to beat our breast and repeat with the despised tax collector, “God, have mercy on me, a sinner” (Luke 18:13).
Indeed, Jesus had to teach a proud Pharisee that the woman humbling herself at his feet, sobbing and wiping them with her hair, knew the value of love far better than he (Luke 7:36ff). She knew little of what she was saved “to,” but she understood perfectly what she was saved “from.” And she was intensely thankful.
If generating thankfulness seems too much like an annual perfunctory exercise in list-making – spend some time thinking about what God saved you “from.” Where would you be? What would you be doing? What kind of person would you be? My guess is – if you understand yourself and biblical anthropology well – you know exactly what God saved you “from.” And such musings are invaluable in recovering the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

- Pastor Richard

OCC is a project of Samaritan’s Purse that collects shoeboxes with items filled with school supplies, hygiene items, and fun toys and delivers them to children in need around the world. Gift-filled shoeboxes demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way, and for many children, are their first gift ever. FCC gets to play a big role in sharing the Gospel with kids all over the world through this project and has been doing so for seven years! Stop by the lobby on November 3rd or 10th and take a shoebox. Then return the packed box on November 17th with a $9 donation for shipping.

FCC’s community center is one of over 5,000 drop-off locations across the country that will receive shoeboxes from our neighbors during the Nation Collection Week- November 18-25, 2019. Our church needs many volunteers to welcome families and collect over 2,000 boxes during this week. To volunteer for a 2-hour shift please use the link below or connections card in your bulletin or see Elizabeth Jackson or Kim Rodkey. Thank you and happy packing!

Click link to meet your neighbors and collect shoe boxes! 
FCC's Financial Update:
General Fund  2019/2020
Fiscal Budget                                          $ 339,200
Budgeted Income thru September            $ 169,600
Actual Income thru September                 $ 158,571

Actual Income minus Budgeted Income     ($11,029)
A couple weeks ago, the youth froze in Cherry Crest Farm’s 5 acre corn maze. Thankfully all made it out and were returned to their parents!  See the below picture for Cody leading his group astray. Be on the lookout for more information about the Annual Youth Progressive Dinner as that is our next event! If you are interesting in hosting a portion of the meal (appetizers, main course, dessert and white elephant) please email

"Thankful",  boasts our doormat this fall season.  Yep, I bought it at Aldi.  At first our family made fun of it every time we entered the house.  "We are.... 'thankful'!",  someone would chant, tongue in cheek, as we laughed our way into the house.  Laughing, primarily out of embarrassment that mom had picked up a pretentious doormat. However, despite the laughter we have had at the expense of that doormat, it has been a regular reminder to be thankful.  It is amazing how effective visual reminders can be!  

So, in the spirit of thankfulness this November, I would like to share how the Lord has provided for the transition of the management of the Network.  As you may know, I have been managing the food-bank since November, 2012.  It has been truly amazing to see how the Lord has worked to establish and maintain this ministry. So many of you have contributed in various ways.  Thank you!!

However, for some time now, I have been praying that the Lord would provide someone to take over. In this season of life, I feel that I need to devote more time to other pressing needs. I am thrilled to share with you that Jennifer Gardner has stepped up to fill that role!  Jennifer has a passion for this ministry and a plethora of new ideas.  She has taken it on without hesitation and with great enthusiasm.  Please welcome her in her new role and maybe consider how you can support her.  I am so thankful for her and for how the Lord has provided for the continuation of this ministry!
- Lynn Haseltine

Take some time to reflect on the people for whom you are most thankful, and don't forget to let them know!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

October 2019 Newsletter

Solomon’s Paradox

This fall we’re studying the life of King Solomon from 1 Kings 1-11. Solomon is known for his wisdom. He solved his subjects’ conundrums, rattled off proverbs, and shared sage advice with neighboring royals. His wisdom is legendary.

However, even as Solomon is celebrated as ‘wisdom personified’ he behaved in confounding ways. Though he could identify the wise choice for others, he struggled to make the wise choice for himself and ended life poorly.

You may have noticed this tendency in yourself. Have you ever felt like you gave good advice to a friend but later, faced with a similar situation, you made a terrible decision?

The ability to reason more sensibly about someone else’s problems than our own happens frequently enough that psychologists have dubbed it “Solomon’s Paradox.” Research shows that when we are personally removed from a situation, when our ego is not a factor, we make better decisions (Source: Grossman and Kross, Exploring Solomon’s Paradox, 2014). In other words, we tend to give better advice to others than make life-decisions for ourselves.

The solution to Solomon’s Paradox requires wisdom and a bit of humility. First, the wisdom. We must take the Bible’s word that our hearts are deceitful (Jer 17:9). Our heart will find ways to justify and rationalize to obtain what it really wants. Solomon himself said that “a plan in the heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out” (Prov 20:5). The wise person asks himself why he wants what he wants; why she feels the way she feels.

It’s been said that when you give other people advice, you look at the problem through a telescope. You see the big picture. You focus on the two or three most important criteria and so clarify the wisest course of action. But when we make our own decisions, we tend to look at it through a microscope. We focus on the minutia, multiply observations, and obscure the most important criteria in order to get the result our heart really wants.

It takes humility then to permit others to weigh in on an important decision. Solomon knew this. He was fond of saying, “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; but many advisors bring success” (Prov 15:22). Of course, the advice of a mature Christian should be weighed most heavily for they presumably will take the Bible into account. Humility also presents the big decisions to God early and often. Ask God to lead you and your deep-water heart. Ask God to help you consider others more important than yourself and God’s glory more than vainglory.

For me, Solomon’s Paradox was a depressing discovery. It’s more evidence of the depravity of sin common to us all – even the wisest among us. But God has warned us. Solomon has shown us. And if we’re willing to compensate for our bias, we can make wise decisions that please God.

-Pastor Richard

Women of Faith
Mark your calendars for these events. Details for each will follow!

Faith Kids
How has God PROVIDED for you? This is a fairly simple question and we can all come up with many ways God has PROVIDED for us. For the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to teach the elementary age children in Faith Kids Worship. We have been discussing Elijah and all that God did for him and through him. God PROVIDED food and water for Elijah during a severe drought. God PROVIDED for the widow and her son through miracles Elijah performed. God PROVIDED life to the widows son after he had died. But the most important PROVISION we have discussed is JESUS!! We discussed how God takes care of us everyday but the best thing God ever PROVIDED was His son to take away our sins! Your children our learning these important truths every Sunday!! Ask had God PROVIDED?
Faith Youth
Youth Group is in full swing at this point and we have had a blast reconnecting with our kids and hearing about their summer! For our first event of the year, on October 18th we will be heading up to Cherry Crest Farm in Lancaster. If your child is interested they can sign up here!

Impromptu Youth Sunday School breakfast at Tom Jones this past Sunday!

May you take some quiet moments during this change of season to sit with our glorious Creator and marvel at the beauty of His hands!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

September 2019 Newsletter

Labor Of Love

"God hires local contractors for the job." That headline would have been the top news item of its day. God was planning to build a portable dwelling place, the tabernacle, to live among His people. He told Moses exactly how it was to be built (Exodus 25-30). But, God did not have Moses build it.  God did not have Aaron or the priests build it. God did not build it Himself, though He could have simply spoke it into existence. Instead, God commissioned talented tradesmen for the job: Bezalel and Oholiab. These two men were probably already skilled craftsmen before God called them, plying their trades while Israel was in Egypt as slaves. After all, Egyptian construction and art was quite advanced and much of it was done by slaves. Perhaps these men had been involved in decorating a pyramid.
 But beyond their natural ability, God further endowed them with additional skill to create the tabernacle. One writer dubbed Bezalel the “Leonardo Da Vinci of the Hebrews.” The two would construct, adorn and assemble the greatest structure ever produced to that point. So important was the task that Bezalel is the first person the Bible explicitly says was filled with the Spirit (Exodus 31:3). It’s interesting it wasn’t one of the patriarchs, Moses, a prophet, priest or judge. The first to be Spirit-filled was a contractor! That is a high honor!

Church maintenance may seem mundane to some of us. But, God’s choice of Bezalel and Oholiab proves otherwise. True, the tabernacle, and later the temple, were unique in that God personally dwelt there. Now He dwells in every Christian and not in buildings. But God still gives these types of talents today. And these talents can be used in the church for God’s glory.

As we’ve learned in Acts, God’s mission for the church today is to bear witness to the gospel. Everything we do should support this great commission – including our buildings. So, we should periodically examine our building to ensure it helps and not hinders the work of the church. As we continue construction on our building we can thank God for the skilled craftsmen who’ve stepped forward. The work they do is just as spiritual as it is material. We have proof God cares about construction. And He wants what we choose to build to be a labor of love in order to better share the gospel with our community.

- Pastor Richard



 Sept 15  ABF & Sunday School begin at 9:30am

  Sept 22  Faith Groups Begin

Faith Kids had a great summer! In July we held our 2nd annual soccer camp. After cancelling on Monday night due to a strong storm and then getting to play in the rain on Tuesday night, we had 3 great nights of fun soccer. The gospel was shared and many families stuck around on Friday night to enjoy some hot dogs, chips and water ice. It was an amazing week!


Now it is September and we are beginning a new year of Bible lessons, crafts, fun worship songs and of course some time of running and playing in the gym. As you are packing backpacks with new supplies and getting school clothes ready and lunch boxes put together, take a minute to pray for your child as they enter this new season. Not just in their school but also in church. Pray that their hearts will be tender to what God will teach them this year. I am so excited for this new year with your children!

Women Of Faith

Our full calendar will be distributed at the Family Picnic & Town Meeting on Sept 8, including details for upcoming book club, events and registering for our One Day Retreat in January 2020.


For now, mark your calendar for Sept 18 for our Fall Kickoff event…we’ll enjoy an evening together with fondue and catching up with each other. Details to come!


Please consider joining one of our Women’s Bible Studies. We have 2 studies beginning on Wednesday, Sept 18 (weekly and every other week) at 9am. We also offer a Sunday morning women’s study that meets during the Sunday School hour, beginning on Sept 15. Childcare is available for all studies.  Come join us on either (or both!) of those dates to check out the study and pick up a book, we’d love to have you!


Hope to see you there!  Questions? Email us at

  Faith Youth

The Youth had an eventful summer packed with SHACC and Wild Week. It was great to take them both far and near as they learned about the Lord and played games with each other and us. Youth Group will be starting up again September 13th from 7:30-9pm and we look forward to another great year!

The Bryants, our missionaries in Africa, are home and settled in the parsonage. They send everyone a huge thank you for blessing them with lots of love, fun treats, books, practical gifts and offers of assistance! When they are not on the road sharing their ministry with others, you will see them here worshiping her with us. Thanks for letting them know how much they are welcome and appreciated!

If you are a recent attender, we'd like to have you join the pastor, some staff, leaders and other recent attenders for some pizza and goodies. Register on your connections card or contact the office. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

June 2019 Newsletter

Solomon’s Porch

I have fond memories of a porch. In our home in West Chester years ago we had an exterior 3-season room on the back of the house. We called it the porch. It was a bright, comfortable room we shared for conversation and relaxation. It was a place we took guests and from there we had access out to a brick patio. It was one of our favorite rooms.

There is a curious feature associated with the Jerusalem Temple called Solomon’s Porch. It was an outdoor colonnade next to Herod’s Temple, which was the center of worship in Jerusalem. The porch was an exterior structure forming a covered approach to the eastern entrance of the Temple. It had a wooden roof supported by a double row of columns at regular intervals forming an open gallery.

This was an important area for the Jewish people because it was one of the last remnants of the original temple built by Solomon. It was centrally located and one of the few public places in Jerusalem that was large enough to accommodate a crowd. It was also where people passed through or gathered to socialize and discuss before or after their sacrifices and prayers at the Temple.

Jesus performed miracles and taught on the Porch (John 10:23). So, it’s no surprise then that the Porch became a good location for the early Christians to meet. The first church gathered on the Porch for teaching and shared the Gospel freely there (Acts 3:11, 5:12).

A church lobby shares some of the same purposes Solomon’s Porch did for the early church. Among church facility designers, the church lobby is considered to be the most critical environment in the church building for sharing the Gospel and welcoming guests. It’s design creates a first impression about what we’re like and what we value. Many guests decide if they’ll return to a church within the first ten minutes of their visit – much of that might be spent in the lobby.

Of course, if you’re a long-time member, the lobby is probably the last thing you care about. It’s just the room you pass through to get to the auditorium. That’s because you have friends here and want to talk with them and have come to worship. But a visitor may know no one and need help navigating to the bathroom or kids check-in. A cup of coffee spells hospitality and a couch says “comfortable,” even if they don’t sit down. They are looking all around our “porch” forming impressions about who we are and what we value.

I hope you’re getting excited about some of the spaces we’re renovating and updating. Not because you necessarily need them but because you care what first time guests need to feel comfortable. It’s all about hospitality and making space to share our love for Christ with all those who enter. I hope you’ll do all you can to support the work.

-Pastor Richard

Graduate Sunday is June 2.
Child Dedication service is June 16.
"Lunch on Us" for new visitors is June 23.

What do Deborah, Barak, Gideon and Samson have in common? If you’re not sure ask one of our elementary students. Faith Kids worship and Faith Friends studied the Judges in May. They have learned how God used a woman to rescue the Israelites, how He used cowardly Gideon and a mere 300 men to defeat the Midianites and Samson’s strength to defeat the Philistines. Faith Kids Worship were taught about the Judges, how “...everyone did what was right in their own eyes” Judges 21:25. Ask your favorite 1st-5th grader to tell you about the cycle of sin and deliverance that is a theme of the book.

What a gift it is to instruct the children of Faith from God’s word. Please continue to pray for our children and teachers.

The 3rd time was the charm! The skies finally cleared enough for the Women of Faith to gather for our (rescheduled, and then rescheduled again!) hike at Newlin Grist Mill on May 11. We enjoyed being together to explore the muddy yet beautiful trails and then headed back for our delayed Cinco de Mayo taco fest! We really had a terrific time together and are planning to do this again in the Fall. Have a suggestion for another place to explore? Let us know!

Ministries are winding down but we are looking ahead to the coming ministry year. Mark your calendars for the return of our 1 Day Women’s Retreat on January 21, 2020. We will spend the day on West Chester University’s campus with Ginny Bryant, wife, mom and missionary with New Tribes Mission in Senegal.  More details to come and registration will open in September.  We would love to hear your suggestions for book club and other ministry events as well as have some new faces join our leadership team and be a part of planning our events. If you’re interested, please let us know by emailing us at 

Over the last 5 years the Network has been attempting to operate as a "food co-op".  The idea was to "empower" clients by allowing them to operate the Network versus receiving a handout.   At that time we received training and attempted to implement a "food co-op" model.

However, our clients are not unemployed with hours of time on their hands to help run a co-op. But rather, our clientele would be classified as the "working poor" with a few who are disabled or elderly.  

The working poor, elderly, and disabled arrive at the Network exhausted and discouraged.  They do not need to be "empowered" because they are already using every last ounce of "power" they have.  I believe these clients need a moment to feel served and cared for.  I believe they will see Christ through our service to and for them.  

This change in philosophy is why I have been asking for more volunteers lately.  Praise the Lord for the volunteers who came out on our two Tuesday evenings this month! They made Tuesdays Terrific!

One week ago we wrapped up a great year of youth group. Below is a picture from our last youth group during our large water balloon toss. 

We are excited to announce that Wild Week will be taking place August 12-16. For anyone interested in helping at Wild Week in any capacity please email us at

At the end of this month, June 30 - July 5,we will head to SHACC with a group of 14 students. We are excited to see how the Lord uses new experiences to challenge and help us grow in our faith.
Below is our look of relief, having completed our first year as Youth Leaders. Pray for us as we rest and recharge for summer activities and plan for the next school year!

Several months ago, we asked our two foreign missionaries to fill out an information packet so we could get to know them better and help care for them in a more refined way than just sending a monthly donation. The MacLean's sent us their list first and we promptly gathered together some supplies and mailed them to Italy. The box included hard pretzels for Scott, Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs for Karis, Peanut Butter for the whole family and some other Easter candies. Here are some pictures of Karis and Sharon enjoying their treats. 

The Bryant's, our missionaries in Africa, are coming home for an entire year, and we are asking you to help us bless them with some fun treats as well. The list has everything from their favorite candies, to their favorite candle/perfume scents, to books they would love to read, to their favorite foods, to crafts/hobbies they enjoy, to new shoes for the kids, and a soft blanket for each member of the family to use this coming winter. The prices are varied giving everyone the ability to purchase something off the list, if you wanted to do so. These items are just suggestions based on their list of preferences. I hope that you'll join us in creating a wonderful "Welcome Home" packet for the Bryant's. You can shop using the link above. If you would like to write them a greeting card, you can leave a greeting card in the church office to be sent with the package as well. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased items and had them delivered to the church! 

Whether you actually make it to the beach or spend your time imaging that you are at the beach even though you are working, I pray that this summer is restful and relaxing for you all.